Print or hand write a Notification of Intent (NOI). Mail it certified, return receipt, to your local Board of Education, addressed to the county superintendent of education. In rare circumstances, you might choose to hand deliver it and asking for a copy stamped “Received” with a date–this is not recommended. Common questions are answered here.

Make sure it includes:

Date County Name and age of school-aged children being homeschooled

“The child(ren) listed above will receive instruction in reading, language, mathematics, science and social studies. Further, the child(ren) will be annually assessed in accordance with WV Code 18-8-1(c)(2).”

I shall notify the county superintendent upon termination of home instruction for a child who is of compulsory attendance age or upon moving to a new county. Evidence of a high school diploma or equivalent, or a post-secondary degree or certificate, for the person(s) providing the instruction is either attached or on file in your office.”

NOTE: Upon establishing residence in a new county, the person providing home instruction shall notify the previous county superintendent and submit a new notice of intent to the superintendent of the new county of residence.

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