• What if I can’t find my high school diploma?
    • You may use any higher level diploma. So, for example, you may choose to use a copy of your college diploma, or your nursing certification.
      • The law is as follows: “ … post-secondary degree or certificate from a regionally accredited institution or from an institution of higher education that has been authorized to confer a post-secondary degree or certificate in West Virginia by the West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education or by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission.
  • Can I send in someone else’s diploma if they’re educating in my child?
    • Technically, yes. The parent or guardian provides the NOI, but the “person or persons providing home instruction shall submit satisfactory evidence of a high school diploma or equivalent.” But, WVHEA recommends that the parent or guardian provide both the NOI and the diploma, and consider the person doing the educating to be a tutor.

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