Experienced homeschoolers do not typically recommend testing with the public schools. Aside from the time commitment, homeschoolers have had difficulty receiving test scores back before June 30.

As per WVDE Policy:

“Home-instructed (home-schooled) students may participate in the WV-MAP administered in the public schools of the district in which they reside. Each academic year, the home instructor must notify the district test coordinator of the intent to participate in the WV-MAP. Students may participate in the WVGSA Grades 3-8 or the SAT School Day provided that the home instructor notifies the district test coordinator of the intention to participate at least three months prior to the testing window.

Home-instructed students will be assigned: 1) a location for testing with an approved educator who has completed the required training as an examiner/scribe and signed the WVBE Examiner’s/Scribe’s Secure Materials and Test Procedures Agreement (Appendix F and Appendix N), and 2) test dates by the district test coordinator during the testing window. All educators and nonpublic school students participating in the assessments of the WV-MAP shall be required to follow all testing guidelines and procedures set forth in this policy. Violations of this policy shall result in the loss of testing privileges. No breach form will be administered to home-instructed students. No family member may be present in the testing area during the administration of the test. All test security procedures and schedules must be followed.”