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This is your moment to meet our Representatives both in the House and Senate, and better yet, have them meet you. Show them what Homeschooling is all about. Talk to them so they know. Many have never met or talked to a homeschooler. Now is a great opportunity.

This is your chance to meet other homeschoolers from around the state. See how large of a group we really are, and how much we are growing.

We will have tours available throughout the day of our Beautiful Capitol and our Governors Mansion (read below for times and sign up)

Homeschool Day at the Capitol gives us the opportunity to educate our legislators on the values of homeschooling as a viable alternative to public education. Many of our Senators and Delegates have never met a homeschooling family and may not know much about home education. They may get most of their information about homeschooling from the Department of Education and teachers’ unions, which may not present homeschooling in a favorable way.

Why should your family attend Homeschool Day at the Capitol?

  • To protect the right to homeschool in West Virginia
  • To meet lawmakers in person and build personal relationships with them.
  • To show the legislature that homeschooling is a viable option for educating our children
  • Meet other homeschool families from across the state.
  • Tour the Capitol.
  • Visit the WV State Museum at the Cultural Center.
  • Learn about the legislative process.

Displays are a very important part of Homeschool Day. Individual families and homeschool support groups are encouraged to bring a display to show the various activities and accomplishments that have been made throughout the school year. (example: use a tri-fold board, show what your child has done, show an experiment they have worked on, show off your homeschool life or their projects, get creative)

–Courtney Ostaff

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