Portfolio Evaluator List

This list is provided as a service to homeschoolers.  It is not a complete list; other evaluators may be available in your area.  It is not an endorsement of any evaluator listed.  Please carefully interview and choose a portfolio evaluator so that you can find a good match for your family.  Make sure your evaluator understands the legal requirements for a portfolio evaluation which are contained in the current law code.  If you are a portfolio evaluator or know of someone who would like to be included on this list, please notify WVHEA by calling 1-800-736-9843 or emailing info@wvhea.org

You can also verify your evaluator’s certification here: https://wveis.k12.wv.us/certcheck/


Statewide (Electronic)

Jeniver Boyer                                304-680-3232

Monongalia county                      wvortfolioreviews@gmail.com

Special Needs Certified                 Reviews also via skype or email


Sandra Drexler                                352-376-4853

WV Certified Teacher                    sdrexler604@gmail.com

(K-12 and special needs)


Cheryl Gabbert                               304-228-6671

116 Wayne St                                 sherrygabbert@yahoo.com

Glen Morgan, WV 25847

Beckley area, but will work statewide with homeschoolers.


Shari Hardwick                               304-550-0048

Cabell County                                  shari519@live.com

WV K-6, Specific Learning Disabilities Endorsement K-6, $50 per portfolio

She will review electronically, statewide.


Kelley Auld Jones                            304-676-9320

192 Topaz Lane                              joneskelley@hotmail.com

Inwood, WV 25428                       Berkeley County

Certified in WV and MD               Will review via mail or email


Beth Wade                                       304-916-9510

P.O. Box 4432                                 beth.middleton@ovu.edu

Parkersburg, WV 26104




Sally Cox                                           304-210-4770

Wood County                                  http://wvhomeschoolservices.weebly.com

WV and NC certified                      classacteducation@hotmail.com

14 years’ experience

Portfolio Assessment, Educational Guidance, Teaching Services




Beth Wade                                       304-916-9510

P.O. Box 4432                                 beth.middleton@ovu.edu 

Parkersburg, WV 26104


Michaelene Mills                            304-224-8936

3721 Woodlawn Way                  Interview with child, review of portfolio, detailed

Weirton, WV 26062                      letter of child’s progress $50




Kristen Adkins                                 www.homeschoolingconsultation.com

Fayette County                               homeschoolingconsultation@gmail.com


Donna Eskew                                  304-776-7326

Kanawha County                            deskew50@gmail.com


Katrina Fitzwater                           304-910-0454

Bluefield, WV                                  mommy_to_jaxon_eli@yahoo.com



Cheryl Gabbert                               304-228-6671

116 Wayne Street                          sherrygabbert@yahoo.com

Glen Morgan, WV 25847

(Beckley Area)

Heather Hanson                             heatherhanson4@hotmail.com

Kanawha/Putnam Counties


$30 per portfolio


Shari Hardwick                               304-550-0048

Cabell County                                  shari519@live.com

WV K-6, Specific Learning

Disabilities Endorsement K-6,

$50 per portfolio


Yvonne Jarrell                                 304-245-8148

Boone County                                 yjarrell1@gmail.com


Sandy Taylor                                   304-757-9011

Putnam/Kanawha/Cabell                        taylormom5@suddenlink.net


North Central


Jeniver Boyer                                  304-680-3232

Monongalia County                       wvportfolioreviews@gmail.com

Special Needs Certified



Nina Hebb                                        304-641-8077

Upshur county                                nina_sharp@hotmail.com


Tammy Kniceley                             304-782-2124      304-557-0139

Doddridge County                         tknicele@acess.k12.wv.us


Barb Satterfield                              304-457-1093

Upshur County                              


Stacey Smith                                    304-642-6732



Lisa Williams                                    ljwilly@yahoo.com

Harrison County


Eastern Panhandle


Janine DiGioanni                            304-274-2080

Berkley County                               janinedigiovanni@hotmail.com


David Griffiths                                 304-258-9415

Berkeley Springs                             greenmangriff@gmail.com



Lori Horner                                      kmwithlori@msn.com

Jefferson County


Kelley Auld Jones                            304-676-9320

192 Topaz Lane                              joneskelley@hotmail.com

Inwood, WV 25428          

Berkeley County

Certified in WV and MD


Lisa Devine-Millbourne                304-258-4672

Berkeley Springs                             wind.dance@frontier.com

Wind Dance Farm & Earth Education center