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2014 WVHEA Testing Brochure (includes order form). Click here to view and print brochure and order tests.


According to WV Code 18-8-I, each child educated at home under subsection (c), subdivision (2) must annually obtain an academic assessment and submit the assessment results to the county board of education by June 30. Testing is one legal assessment option. You can use any individualized standardized achievement tests, nationally normed within the past 10 years.

Since 1991, WVHEA has provided a testing service for any homeschooler who wishes to use it. In 2007, over 1000 students tested through our service using the TerraNova. Other sources of testing materials include curriculum suppliers, correspondence schools, other private testing services, and county public schools.

Testing through WVHEA is conducted under standardized procedures in testing centers throughout the state. We oversee about 30 centers, with local administration by trained area coordinators. Individual testing can be arranged through WVHEA where appropriate, in accordance with standardized procedures and security policies. All WVHEA testers must provide proof to WVHEA of their specific training in administering standardized tests. WVHEA offers workshops annually to provide such training. For more on WVHEA’s testing service, read About Testing With WVHEA.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions by parents.

How can I prepare my child for the test? Children can and should be taught test-taking skills. Many textbooks and workbooks use a standardized test/multiple-choice format for unit tests and review tests. Also, you can purchase test-taking practice booklets from bookstores and other educational suppliers. For more about practice tests, see Practice Tests.

Can I see the actual test before my child takes it to see what he needs to know for it? No. Due to security reasons, you may not. However, you may consult the test publisher’s category objectives. The use of practice tests or grade-level “what you should know” series can be helpful, and are actually suggested as a tool to help you know what type of questions are on the test. The state’s content standards and objectives provide another useful guide. There are also numerous online resources available for test preparation. Click here for those links.

What can I do about test anxiety? For some perspective and suggestions, see Coping With Test Anxiety and Remedies for Test Anxiety.