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What does my child need to know for the test?

If you’re worried about whether your child will be prepared for a standardized test, you’re not alone. Parents frequently ask, “How do I know what will be on the test?” Of course, you don’t and what’s more, you can’t. But there are several ways you can get a sense of the types of questions on a standardized test for your child’s grade level.

One good way to learn more about the Terra Nova, the test WVHEA uses, is to take the tester training class offered by WVHEA’s testing service (see box on the right for information about tester training workshops). In the workshop you’ll receive descriptions of the test objectives for each grade, which can give you a sense of the areas covered by the exam.

Test prep books such as Scoring High on the Terra Nova can provide practice with the sorts of questions that appear on the Terra Nova test. Here are some online test prep resources:

Terra Nova skills list and sample questions. Download a skills list for each subject area on the Terra Nova and sample Terra Nova-like questions. www.epes.com/terra/terra.html Note: Skills list and sample Westest items are also available:  www.epes.com/WV/WV.html

Grade Level Skills Help. Grade-specific links to help K-8 students practice specific concept areas. www.internet4classrooms.com/grade_level_help.htm

Assessment skills practice. Resources to help students practice skills required on various assessments. www.internet4classrooms.com/assistance.htm

CTB/McGraw-Hill offers Teaching Activities to support specific objectives. www.ctb.com/mktg/terranova/rpt_activities/additional_activities.jsp

Learning Express Library offers practice tests, diagnostic tests, and skills improvement courses online for grades 4-12, as well as college board practice tests, GED prep courses and practice tests. Register for this free service at your local library and then use it at home. Your username is your library card number and your password is your last name. www.learnatest.com/LearningExpressLibrary