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Driverís License for Homeschoolers

Yes! Homeschoolers can obtain driverís licenses when they reach 15 (for a permit) and 16 (for a junior operators). After taking the written and/or the driving portion of the driverís test at the local testing site, you need to send the ID card, a check for the appropriate dollar amount, and ďdocumentation of enrollment statusĒ to the department of motor vehicles. The attendance officer or homeschool liaison in your county has a form that he completes, which states that the teenager has attended school regularly. Some of us have successfully written an official looking letter to the department of motor vehicles in lieu of the county form stating that the teenager is a registered homeschooler under WV Code 18-8-1 and has attended school regularly.

Do Homeschoolers Qualify for Honor Student Discount on Vehicle Insurance?

Lee Ross -1993

Our daughter, Hannah, turned fifteen in May and we started thinking about getting her driverís permit and eventually her license. We were curious to know how much our car insurance premium would go up when she started driving, and if taking driverís education would lower the cost.

Our insurance agent said that driverís ed would lower the cost a little, but that the biggest discount was for honor students that maintained a B average or above in all subjects. ďBut our kids donít get any grades,Ē we told him, and we asked how we could qualify for this discount. Our agent checked on it and called us back a day or so later to say that only accredited school grades could be used to obtain the ďhonor student discount.Ē

That bothered us. If Hannah were in school, we are almost certain that she would be an honor student. We called the insurance company headquarters a month or so later to inquire for ourselves. We found that if Hannah took driverís ed and was an honor student our insurance rates would actually decrease; with driverís ed only, our rates would increase considerably. We asked if there were some standard for homeschoolers to obtain the ďhonor student discountĒ and suggested that if there werenít it seemed that homeschooled honor students were being discriminated against. The woman that we spoke with could not answer our question, so she referred us to the company underwriters.

The chief underwriter was a very nice person and very open-minded about homeschoolers. We suggested that, in the case of homeschoolers, CTBS or other standard skills test scores could be substituted for grades, or perhaps references from private instructors for piano, violin, voice or other lessons could be used to determine a studentís diligence. He agreed to this in our case.

As a result of our conversation, come next May when Hannah gets her driverís license, our insurance rates will go down!