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Fall 2003


Barbour County -- A homeschool parent received a letter requesting a notice of intent for the 2003-04 school year. Included with the letter was a notice of intent form, which was virtually identical to the one WVHEA distributed to county superintendents in a homeschool information packet, and a copy of the countyís policies and procedures concerning homeschooling. The parent noticed a couple of errors, most notably a request for the POI to include information from subsection one (the approval option), such as number of instructional days.

In her reply, the parent explained that she had enclosed a notice of intent to homeschool for 2003-04 with her annual assessment, mailed last June. She also enclosed a copy of her support groupís (Covered Bridge Christian Home Educators) notice of intent form, and addressed the errors in the county policies and procedures.

Shortly thereafter, the county homeschool coordinator called the parent to let her know that he had corrected the county homeschool procedures and would send her a copy. The homeschool parent reports that the conversation was very cordial and the coordinator expressed a desire to build a cooperative relationship with homeschoolers in the county.